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What Is Underground Service Line Coverage On A Homeowners Policy?

What Is Service Line Coverage?


Homeowners are responsible for the utility and service lines and pipes going from their home to the street or utility connection. Service lines are buried deep in your yard and include; water & sewage lines, gas lines, and electrical/power connections. Should any of these be damaged from a tree root or weather conditions, you are responsible for repairing and replacing these lines as the homeowner. Unless your homeowners policy adds service line coverage to your policy, this type of damage outside your home is not covered. You can also purchase this coverage directly from your local utility or water company. However, it is often easier and more cost-effective to add service line coverage to your homeowners insurance policy.


How Can Exterior Underground Utility, Water, and Sewer Lines Be Damaged?


If you have mature trees around your home, the tree roots can grow and damage the lines and pipes around your home, causing a backup of the water and sewage lines. To excavate and repair this damage, the cost can be upwards of $10,000. We have seen underground service and sewer line damage happen in all types of homes; however, older homes with aging underground utility lines and pipes tend to be more susceptible. Seasonal weather changes can also make the lines and pipes more prone to damage.


How Much Does Underground Service and Utility Line Coverage Cost?


The average cost to add this coverage to your homeowners policy should be approximately $30 annually. The cost of the coverage is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of repair should a utility line be damaged or need to be replaced.


Is Service Line Coverage Worth It?


If your exterior utility, sewer, and service lines are damaged or backed up, excavating, repairing, or replacing an external underground utility and service line can cost $10,000 +, depending on your property. The cost to add this coverage to your homeowners insurance policy is very inexpensive, and in our experience, we recommend you add service line coverage to your policy.


How Do I Add Service Line Coverage To My Homeowners Policy?


This is easy; you can contact your independent insurance agent or access your homeowners policy to add this coverage directly to your policy.


What If My Homeowners Policy Does Not Provide This Coverage?


If your homeowners policy does not provide service line coverage, you might be inclined to shop around for coverage. Rather than searching endless insurance companies online, you should contact an independent insurance agency such as The Overmyer Insurance Agency which works with many insurance companies, knows which companies offer service line coverage, and will recommend the appropriate coverage for you.

Contact our agency at 908-476-8685 or our website to review your policy or answer any questions.

The Bottom Line:

Protect your home or property on both the inside and outside.  Knowing your homeowners insurance coverage is half the battle. Having an insurance advocate such as the Overmyer Insurance Agency on your side can give you peace of mind knowing you have sufficient coverage.

Service and utility line coverage is an important component of your homeowners insurance coverage and should be added to the policy to protect against an unexpected utility line failure.  The cost of the coverage is minimal on most homeowners insurance policies, and compared to the cost of a utility line excavation and replacement, we advise adding service line coverage if available.

This is where the Overmyer Insurance Agency comes in.


Having sufficient coverage for the day-to-day risks we all face is critical.  

We are here for you. Call or click for a coverage review or quote:




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