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Surety Bonds

Quickly find the right surety bond for your business with our streamlined surety bond platform.

Win contracts and bids with your customers by providing a guarantee that the work you do will be completed.


We can help you with our hassle-free surety bonds program.  

Hassle-Free Surety Bonds

Get instant access to bonds for:​

Bid Bonds

Performance Bonds

Payment Bonds

Fidelity Bonds

Employee Dishonesty Bond

Business Services Bond


Executor Bonds

Guardianship Bonds

Court Bonds

License & Permit Bonds

Title Bonds

Contractor License

Freight Broker Bonds

Why Work With The Overmyer Insurance Agency?

We help make finding the right bond easy and hassle-free.  

Working with the Overmyer Insurance Agency is a different experience from most typical insurance agencies and brokers.  We help give you the tools you need to find the right bond quickly and make the process easy and hassle-free.

Many times your bond can be approved and processed in minutes.  Select your bond, answer a few questions, start the coverage, and print.

Our Simple 3 Step Process to Starting Your Bond

Search For Your Bond

Fill Out The Quick Application

Pay For Your Bond

Use our friction-free bond platform, or give us a quick call to get started

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