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Personal Insurance

If you are looking for an auto policy or homeowners policy, a policy review, or bundling your policies with one company, look no further. We assist you in finding the right policies and coverage options.  

We make finding the best insurance company and coverage at the best price simple.

Auto Insurance

We all want to save money on our auto insurance, but what if you could pay less but also have better coverage?  We specialize in providing the appropriate levels of coverage and at the same time working within your budget.

Homeowners Insurance

We can help you with all types of homeowners insurance coverage,. Whether you need a homeowners policy, condo policy, or renters policy. We can even help with secondary and seasonal homes. No matter what type of home you have we protect your financial investment.

Personal Excess Liability/Umbrella

The personal excess or umbrella policy is critical to providing complete risk and asset protection.  Excess liability coverage starts at $1 million and can be increased and adjusted to fit your specific needs. 

Additional Insurance Policies We Offer

Jewelry & Fine Art Collections Coverage

Boat, Watercraft, and Yacht Insurance

Coastal Homeowners Insurance

Short Term Rental

Motorcycle Insurance

Rental/Landlord Homeowners Insurance

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