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Wedding and Special Event Insurance Coverage

Protect your special day or event with Wedding and Special Event Insurance Coverage.

Wedding Insurance

Mrs. Overmyer and I celebrating our big day in 2006!


What is Wedding Insurance?

Insurance for your wedding or other special occasion is known as one-day special event insurance. Wedding insurance can help cover you for various risks, such as the photographer or vendor failing to show up, severe weather, or the need to postpone or cancel the event due to a covered loss.


What Type Of Events Are Covered by One-Day Special Event Coverage?

  • Weddings

  • Anniversaries

  • Retirement Parties

  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

  • Baby Showers

  • Birthday Parties

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?


Wedding and special event insurance coverage can help protect the investment you have made for your special day.

  • Cancellation and postponement coverage due to a sudden family illness (not Covid-19 related), severe or extreme weather, or some other unexpected reason. Due to cancellation, reimbursement is available for transportation, vendors, equipment rental, and hall and location rentals.

  • Coverage for lost security deposits. Should one of your vendors go out of business or fail to show up to the event, coverage is available for lost security deposits.

  • Wedding video and photographer coverage. Coverage is available if your wedding video or photographer does not show up to the event, does not deliver the photos or videos.

  • Protection for your wedding or event gifts. Coverage is available for lost or damaged wedding gifts.

  • Jewelry and special attire coverage. Coverage is available for lost or damaged attire or dresses and jewelry, including wedding rings.

  • Wedding liability coverage. Additional coverage is available to protect yourself from damage to the venue or an injury at your event.

  • Liquor liability coverage. This coverage protects you from liability arising from liquor-related occurrences. This coverage is essential if your event is at a location such as a park, museum, or historic site that does not usually serve liquor and may require liquor liability coverage to be purchased.

Does wedding and special event coverage cover cancellation due to COVID-19?

Because Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a known infectious disease, wedding and special event coverage policies will not provide coverage for cancellation or postponement due to Covid-19.

How Much Is Wedding Insurance?

On average, the cost to purchase is $160 with no deductible.

Is Wedding and One-Day Special Event Coverage Worth It?

Your special event is a substantial investment in both money and time. The cost to cover your event is minimal but provides significant coverage and protection, as well as a piece of mind. Because wedding and one-day event coverage is is easy to purchase and afford protects against unforeseen incidents that may arise, we always recommend insuring your special event or wedding.


We hope you have a wonderful event. If you are in the planning stages of your wedding or special event, feel free to reach out to us to discuss your coverage options.

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