What Is Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage?

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What Is Cyber Liability Insurance?


Every day we see a company that has been the victim of a data breach or cyber-attack in the news and on social media.  Many times this news is from large corporations, we don’t hear of the small businesses that have data stolen or are victims of cyber-attacks. Every type of company uses technology to do business, and they all face cyber risks from stolen data to hacking emails. These risks increase as technology becomes more advanced and prevalent. This is why all businesses need to be prepared for cyberattacks with both cyber liability insurance and a security plan in place.


What Does Cyber Insurance Cover?


Cyber liability insurance can cover the cost and business liability of data breaches involving sensitive customer information and cyber attacks on your business. The coverage can include:


  • Business interruption

  • Ransomware

  • The cost of investigative services and data recovery

  • Third-party damages if your customers or clients are affected as a result of a cyber-attack or data breach involving your business or company.  Legal fees, settlement costs, and social media liabilities are all examples of this.


How Much Cyber Liability Insurance Do I need?

 Net Diligence is a cyber security consulting firm and they provide a very comprehensive cyber liability calculator to determine the amount of coverage you should carry.  The calculator is here: Cyber Liability Coverage Calculator.  This tool gives estimates of what your business's cyber liability claim cost could be if you were a victim of a cyber-attack or system hack.

Cost is also an important factor in determining the amount of Cyber Liability coverage you should carry.  Your budget is an important factor in finding out the appropriate amount of coverage you need.  We work with you to determine the right coverage amount based on your budget.

How Much Cyber Liability Insurance Should A Business Purchase?

Cyber attacks and data breaches have increased in the last few years, as has the cost of repairing the damage after an attack has occurred.  Many small to medium size businesses typically purchase a cyber liability insurance policy with a $1 million per event limit, a $1 million aggregate maximum, and a $1,000 deductible.  For larger data-driven businesses coverage limits of $3m or more are recommended. 

How Much Does Cyber Liability Insurance Cost?


Overall, the cost of cyber liability policies is generally inexpensive given the coverage that is provided. The cost of cyber liability coverage depends on your business's specific risk and coverage needs.  Small cyber liability insurance policies can be included in your Business Owners Policy (BOP), but if your business needs increased coverage this would need a separate policy.

What Types Of Businesses Need Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage?


Any business, whether a larger company or a small mom-and-pop shop that utilizes technology to conduct business needs cyber liability protection.  Business examples are:


  • Coffee shops that provide free wifi

  • Service businesses such as CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors

  • Hair salons 

  • Restaurants

  • Retailers

  • Contractors

  • Real estate agents

  • Consultants


Additionally, if you use a third party that handles your customer's data and information, such as accountants or IT service providers, they should have their own cyber insurance coverage.  Be sure to request a copy of their policies before hiring them or bringing them on board your business.


If your company or business keeps any form of customer or client data and information you should have a cyber liability policy.  


Cyber Liability Claim Examples:

  • Ransomware/Cyber extortion 

  • Unauthorized access 

  • Privacy breach 

  • Lost or stolen laptops 

  • Businesses hacked

  • Spyware & Viruses

  • Human error

Where To Purchase A Cyber Liability Insurance Policy


Conducting a quick search online for cyber liability coverage provides an overwhelming amount of companies and information meant to sell you cyber liability insurance coverage.  The most simple solution is to reach out to The Overmyer Insurance Agency. We work with many different companies and we analyze your needs and find the right company and coverage for your unique needs.


Our companies that provide cyber liability insurance protection include:





Next Insurance

Liberty Mutual


Important Cyber Security Tools:

GCAToolkit:  A feature-rich site provided by Mastercard to provide the tools for small businesses to take immediate action to secure their systems and reduce cyber attacks.

We look forward to reviewing your risk and finding the right coverage program for your business, click or call today.