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Janitorial and Cleaning Services Business Insurance

Janitorial and cleaning services have many factors and risks that need to be insured. Commercial and business insurance protects your business and assets from injuries and property damage. Examples include:

  • Damage to your customer's property

  • Employee on-the-job injuries

  • Auto accidents in a company vehicle

  • Slips, trips, and falls - Injury and medical cost claims

We breakdown of the coverage you should consider for your janitorial or cleaning service business.

Janitorial and Cleaning Services Business Insurance - Overmyer Insurance Agency, Cranford NJ

What Insurance Do You Need To Start A Cleaning Business?


The right insurance coverage for your business depends on many factors, and every cleaning business is different. However, here are some examples of business coverage you may need:


-Business Owners Policy For A Cleaning Service Business


A business owners policy (BOP) combines and packages your business's commercial general liability with your company’s property insurance coverage. This type of policy will cover a building you own or lease, as well as business equipment and property needed to run the business. Additionally, business owners policies provide business interruption coverage that can protect your business income and other costs to get your business up and running after a covered loss or property damage.


-Commercial General Liability For A Cleaning Business


Commercial general liability (CGL) protects your business from a customer or third-party slips, trips, and falls, or your business causes property damage. A commercial general liability policy covers damages and legal costs from injuries or medical cost claims by customers or other people you don’t employ. For example, you may be held responsible if an injury occurs on your worksite after being serviced by your business. A commercial general liability policy will also cover your business if a client claims your business has damaged their property.


-Commercial Auto Insurance For A Cleaning Business


If your cleaning services or janitorial company owns or leases vehicles to be used for your business, you will need commercial auto insurance. This insurance coverage protects your business from injuries and medical costs to others if your employees are at fault in an auto accident. The policy will also cover the cost of damages to your vehicle involved in the accident. Commercial auto insurance also covers your vehicles if they are stolen.


-Worker's Compensation For A Cleaning Business


Worker's compensation (worker's comp) insurance coverage protects your business if an employee is hurt or injured while on the job. This insurance coverage covers medical costs, legal fees, and employee lost wages due to an injury or illness.  


Day-to-day tasks such as wet floors, exposure to toxic chemicals, and moving heavy objects can lead to injuries and illness. Therefore, protecting your employee with worker's compensation coverage is essential. Additionally, worker's compensation protects your business from employee injury lawsuits from on-the-job injuries.


How To Get Insurance For A Cleaning Business


Getting the right insurance coverage for your janitorial or cleaning business is easy. Contacting your local independent insurance agent or broker, such as the Overmyer Insurance Agency, is the best way to get the right business insurance for your janitorial or cleaning business. Independent insurance agents work with many insurance companies and can find the right coverage for your business and budget. 


We take the hassle out of finding the right commercial insurance for your business. To get started on your insurance quotes, be sure to have your business insurance information on hand. Information that is needed to get started on your business insurance quotes is:


Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)

Number of employees

Annual revenue

Annual payroll


We will work with you to find the right insurance coverage and price to fit your budget. But, most important, we will optimize your insurance experience with personal insurance advisors that are there for you if you have a claim, a question, or need to change your insurance coverage.


Cleaning Business Insurance Cost


On average, the cost of janitorial and cleaning services depends on each individual business factor, such as the number of employees, the value of business equipment and property, and the insurance policies you choose. It is always best to get business insurance quotes from multiple sources to be sure you are getting the most competitive price, which is why working with the Overmyer Insurance Agency makes your insurance experience easy. We work with many companies to find the right coverage and price for your unique business.


The Bottom Line:


Running a successful janitorial or cleaning services business faces many challenges and requires expensive equipment in the day-to-day business operations. The right insurance coverage helps protect the business you have built.

80% of businesses are paying too much for insufficient insurance coverage. We solve this by partnering you with the right insurance company and coverage, helping you make better decisions for your insurance needs, and optimizing your insurance experience with a personal insurance expert to guide the way. If you would like to get a janitorial business insurance quote or want a coverage review, we are here to help, and just a call or click away.

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