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Photography and Videography Business Insurance

Your photography and videography business has many unique risks. We break down the coverage you need to protect your business and keep doing with you love.

Photography & Videography Business Insurance

Insurance For Professional Photography Businesses


Photographers require expensive equipment for their day-to-day business, such as cameras, computers, lighting equipment, and even drones. Professional Photographers and videographers also face many risk exposures, including slips, trips, falls, and protection for employee injuries. We make it simple to find the right insurance coverage for your unique photography business. 

Photography Business Insurance


The most cost-effective way to cover your photography or videography businesses is with a Business Owners Policy (BOP) that combines your property and general liability coverage into on single package policy.  This coverage includes protection for expensive equipment and commercial property, commercial general liability, business expense and income insurance, and advertising liability.


However, sometimes there is a need for additional coverage based on your unique business. The general insurance policies needed are:


  • Commercial Auto - Coverage for vehicles used for your business or the cars registered in your business name.


  • Workers Compensation - Covers your employees if they are injured on the job or sustain a workplace injury or illness. Worker's compensation pays for their medical bills and cost of care.


  • Professional Liability - Professional liability protects you if your business is involved in a lawsuit or claim for a professional mistake in the services your business provides. For example, the quality of your work is not up to client standards, or failure to deliver on promised services. Professional liability coverage will protect your business from lawsuits and legal bills if you are sued.


Business Insurance For Home-Based Businesses


Even if your business is home-based, you should still have coverage for expensive professional photography or videography equipment and liability risks. Your homeowners' insurance coverage does not cover professional camera equipment, drones, or business liability if a client injury occurs on your property or off-site.

Why Is Photography Insurance Important?


Professional photographers and videographers face many unique risks in their day-to-day business. Having the right coverage to protect your business against these exposures is critical. Some claim examples include:


  • A guest trips over the lighting equipment at an event your business is photographing.

  • Important images of your client's wedding are lost after the micro sd card is missing.

  • Your client is upset that the photos taken of their event are not up to their expectations.

  • You are using a drone to take video over water, and due to operator error, it flies directly into the water.

  • While shooting at a destination location, a costly lens is lost and needs to be replaced.

Who Needs Photography Insurance?


Professional photographers and videographers need insurance to cover their business and protect their assets from property damage and lawsuits.


What Insurance Policies and Coverage Is Best For Photographers?


Cover expensive equipment such as:

  • Cameras and lenses

  • Lighting

  • Computers

  • Stands and backdrops

  • Drones


Liability risks you may be exposed to should also be considered:


  • Do you work off-site at events and venues?

  • Could your business be susceptible to professional mistakes or client complaints?

  • Do you photograph clients in a private studio or off-site?

  • Does your business operate drones?

Insurance Coverage For Drones


Utilizing drones and unmanned aircraft adds increased risk. Be sure your insurance policy covers your business for:


  • Coverage for expensive drones and equipment

  • Drone liability coverage

  • Personal injury liability coverage


Who Needs Drone Insurance Coverage?


If your photography or videography business uses drones professionally, you should have insurance coverage. These businesses include: 


  • Real Estate Photographers & Videographers

  • Aerial Photographers & Videographers

Photography Business Insurance Cost


The cost to insure your photography or videography business depends on many factors, including the risks your business faces daily, the value of your equipment, and the types of coverage you need to protect your business correctly. As a result, the price of your business insurance policy can vary based on the different photography or videography work, where you do business, and what insurance coverage you require.

The Bottom Line


Running a successful photography or videography business faces many challenges and requires expensive equipment in day-to-day business operations. The right insurance coverage helps mitigate the risk exposures and protect what you have built.

80% of businesses are paying too much for insufficient insurance coverage. We solve this by partnering you with the right insurance company and coverage. The Overmyer Insurance Agency helps businesses make better decisions for their insurance needs. If you would like to get a photography business insurance quote or want a coverage review, we are here to help, and just a call or click away.

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