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Located in Cranford, NJ, The Overmyer Insurance Agency specializes in auto, home, umbrella, business, and commercial insurance coverage in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania regions.  No matter where you are, we are there for you.

Insurance Coverage Designed For You:

Combine your auto, homeowners, and umbrella/personal excess liability insurance policies to maximize the discounts, save money, and provide better coverage and asset protection. 

  • Homeowners Insurance 

  • Secondary and Seasonal Homes

  • Coastal Homeowners Insurance

  • Landlord and Rental Property

  • Short Term Rental Insurance (Airbnb)

  • Historic & High-Value Home Insurance

  • Personal Excess Liability/Umbrella Insurance

  • Fine Art, Valuable Collection, and Jewelry Insurance

  • Flood Insurance

  • Classic Car Insurance

  • Boat/Yacht Insurance

  • RV & Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Protect the small or commerical business you have built. We are your personal insurance advocate and advisor, and keep your best interests in mind to find the best insurance coverage and company to meet your business needs.

Business & Commercial Insurance

Stay educated and informed about your insurance coverage. As an independent insurance agency and dedicated personal insurance advisor, we understand that insurance is complex and time-consuming. We solve this by optimizing your insurance experience, helping you understand your insurance coverage, and providing the right protection and pricing for your unique needs.

Our Latest Insurance Insights

How Does Inflation Affect Personal and Business Insurance Costs?

Economic inflation can cause the cost of your insurance coverage to increase. Here is what to do to help reduce your costs and maintain sufficient coverage.

Flood damage_edited.jpg

Homeowners and property damage do not cover flood damage.  Find out more about flood insurance and how to purchase flood coverage for your home or property.

Professional Photographer Insurance Coverage

Professional photographer business insurance is built for your unique industry, learn how to protect your business and customize your coverage.

Certificate of Insurance - COI_edited.jpg

A Certificate of Insurance is similar to an auto ID card or homeowners evidence of insurance, find out why they are so important to businesses.

Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Protect your janitorial or cleaning services business with the right insurance coverage for your business and budget.


Excellent customer service is the most important aspect of OIA. We are very appreciative of what our clients have to say about their insurance experiences.

"Adam at Overmyer has been fantastic - super friendly and helpful. We reviewed and revamped our insurance policy and it’s providing me with more coverage for the same price. The customer service is above and beyond. I love that I can contact them if there is an issue and don’t ever have to deal with the insurance companies directly or ever wait on hold. So much easier! Highly recommend."

-Laurie D.

"Adam is attentive, responsive, and reliable.
He is knowledgable and offers advice rather than upselling you unnecessary policies. Adam gets you the coverage you need while giving you personalized care. Highly recommend to someone looking for the highest quality of care from an insurance agent."

-Tiffany R.

"No matter what, Adam has been there for our family for over 10 years. His counsel, service and responsiveness are without equal. Tested in the toughest times, Adam comes through. I couldn't recommend him enough."

-John M.

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We start by pricing and quoting your policies with the multiple companies we represent, then fine-tune the quotes to meet your needs and budget.

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Insurance Designed for You

Together we match you with the best insurance company, pricing, and coverage to fit your needs.

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